Day 4 – My first experience with Hinduism & Buddhism

We left in the morning ready for our adventure to discover my first hindou temple. I jumped on the rear sit of Sandesh motorbike (Sudesh’s brother) and made our way to our first temple. Holding on to my life at the back handles of his motorbike we blend it perfectly in the chaotic traffic of …

Day 3 – Something inside of me broke

It was a bit rough this morning. I think yesterday’s yoga class got to me a little bit. Energy is everywhere whatever we feel it or not. Doing the yoga class yesterday I felt part of the tension that my body was holding was releasing with ease which was surprising. It was like an easy flow where the focus was more on the breath.

How I decided to do Everest Base Camp

A few days after dreaming of the tiger and understanding that I would be going to Nepal, I remember waking up feeling energize (I love that feeling but it’s a bit addictive!). I remember being in my kitchen and having this thought who was like a shooting star 💫 that came out of what seems like no where. Suddenly I thought;

– If I go to Nepal maybe I could go to Everest Base Camp?