The Journey

Day 2 – Exploring and meeting with 2 spiritual teachers


I woke up in my dormitory of 8 people at the hostel. I had a good sleep. I needed the rest that’s for sure. I woke up and felt pretty good. I did not feel that this country was intimidating me as much. No instead I felt more adventurous and curious to discover what Nepal was about.

So let’s go check it out : )

WHEN Fear subside AND you become curious & adventurous

Slowly I am finding my place in this busy town. I heard that 15 years ago it was pretty chaotic here and the only place for Nepal citizen to be safe due to political instability was Kathmandu. So the city grow rapidly. The streets are very busy and narrow. The main transportation is motorbike and scooter.

I had breakfast in a little coffee place and ended up sitting with an older Australian gentlemen who had been here for a few weeks. We talked about the culture shock we both experience. We than went on with our day saying bye to each other like if we would see each other again later.

I reach my hand out to take a selfie and almost hit a motorcyclist. There is no sidewalk and they drive so close to you.

Who wants some fish?

I tried to find a bank. I put a bank in my GPS and got to this place: Slowly slowly I will figure my stuff out I guess! I am smiling and not feeling frustrated. It is day time and I am walking around discovering this town.
Someone saw that I was probably standing confuse in front of that ‘building’ and asked me in English what I needed. I said a bank. That person walked me to a bank, smiled and left. How nice of them! After getting some money I came back to the hostel and went to the roof top. I climb on the net of this structure and took some pictures of the town:


To give you a bit of a story  when I sold my belongings and my house in Ottawa I ran into a neighbor that helped me carry things to my car. She had seen the ‘for sale’ sign in front of my condo and was asking me where I was going. I said I am going to Nepal. With a surprise look she told me that one of her co-worker just came back from 3 months in Nepal. Do you know anyone in Nepal she asked? I said no. That I also took the 3 months visa like her co-worker. Would you like to be in contact with him she asked? I said of course that would be great. So long story short  I met with him 2 days prior to depart from Canada. He was fantastic and still on a ‘high energy’ from his trip. You could just feel it. He gave me a local Nepali SIM card for my phone, what he had left of his Nepali money and a contact he had there; Sudesh. Sudesh was from Nepal but had move to Ottawa, Canada for the past 2 years. But he was still visiting in Nepal for the first week of my trip. I felt so blessed! We had text each other at my arrival and he just replied inviting me for tea. Feeling so good to meet someone here.

We sat at the top of this four story building. Beautiful!
Sudesh told me to try a marsala the as it was the local drink here. It was quite delicious. As I drank it and commented that it was slightly spicy he said to me; ‘spices are good for you’.

We rapidly started talking about spirituality like if it was a normal subject. I mean don’t get me wrong it is a normal subject but let’s just say we rapidly got to deeper conversations. He explain to me what Nepal culture and believes were. He was so calm. I told him I was worry about getting sick with the food and water here and he told me that sometimes going through these sick events cleans up your system and is kind of a detox. To not worry. That after that I will be okay to digest their food. That it is in my mind. To take small step to slowly built up to local food. He said to take it slowly, one step at a time, and that my system would get use to it and I could eat anything later on. (It’s interesting because a travel agent back home told me that it takes years to develop the proper immune system and to be able to eat locally) but I felt what Sudesh said resonated with me. He pointed at his head and said: You can do it.

You will be okay don’t think to much. Just know you can do it and it will be okay.

Sudesh than suggested to me that I should see his guru. That he will be able to help me learn what I need to learn. We walked to his yoga studio and I attended the 14h30 class. Suddesh left. His ‘guru’ was a normal looking person! lol. I had the best yoga class I ever had. Simplicity and depth. He started the class talking about breathing. How emotions can agitate the breath.

If you calm the breath you calm the mind he said.

He has such a peaceful voice. He reminded me of Sudesh when he said: tell yourself you can do it and you will. There was a difficult yoga pose that I manage to do while telling myself that. Not by only telling myself the words he had said but by actually feeling them and believing them: I could do it. His voice is so special it’s like he can make you believe that you can do it. And you can feel that he actually believes in you and your potential. Wow what a class. 

A simple yoga place but with so much depth

I left to go home. haha I must be feeling okay if I am already referring to my hostel as ‘home’. The teacher invited me to come back to a class tomorrow morning.

Nameste Nepal

Day 2 is pretty awesome… already!


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