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Day 2 – Is it Love?

The difference between Love and Attachment

I slept well last night and met the two girls who will be my roomate for the next 10 days. With no cellphone most of us also lost our alarm clock to wake us up. One of the participant was designated last night to ring the bell at 06h am so everyone can make it to class at 06h30. 

We went to bed thinking that none of us wanted to be late for the first class when well… little did we know! Our building was actually right beside the school for the little monks (they are soooooooo adorable!!!). I am not sure at what time they start but we were awake way before 06h am by hearing them sing what seems like mantra’s. Some of them I swear were not singing but screaming on top of their little lungs! haha but it still felt good to be waken up by those little munchkins singing. It for sure puts you in the buddhist vibe! We all woke up and looked at each other and started to laugh. 


The group gather in the same big room as we were yesterday for our 06h30 am meditation class. Sitting down on our meditation cushion the same teacher we had yesterday started by reviewing the meditation posture and adding more information:

“Put your hands in front of you. The right hand over the left hand. The right hand means compassion and the left hand represents wisdom. Palms facing up. Start sitting with your leg crossed or demi-lotus if you can. It is okay to move your feet if you get uncomfortable”. 

Within no time we were already getting into our first meditation.

Close your eyes she said and try to breath with your nose:

– Breath in light

– Breath out black smoke 

– Breath in light

– Breath out black smoke

– Breath in light

– Breath out black smoke

… She said those two lines many times. 

“Light can represent patience, compassion or love” she said before keeping going with the same 2 sentences of light and black smoke. 

“Black smoke can be anything that does not serve you anymore” and she kept saying to Breath in light and breath out black smoke for what seemed like a long time. 

Since this is an introduction course a few breaks were given for us to stretch and even walk a little before re-sitting on our cushion or their chair. 

The meditation ended by Anie Karen saying: We do this for the benefit of others. 

We did a OM chanting together which was a sign of respect to close the sacred space we had created with our meditation. She invited us to send this beautiful energy that was created with our meditation to anyone we knew that may be in need right now. I have friends that lost their daughter last October and right away I sent them my love. I was physically very far from them but some how I still felt very connected to them. 

Once the meditation was officially done Anie than advise us that as a sign of respect student should stand while the teacher arrives and leaves the room. So we all proceeded and stood up until she was out of the room. We than made our way to breakfast. I have no pictures but it was a very simple breakfast. Imagine a big pot filled with oatmeal and on the side some pita bread with some almond butter. 

But guess what? This oatmeal was DELICIOUS! haha not sure why but I really enjoyed that oatmeal! 

We had breakfast at 07h30 and had 2 hours break before our next class at 09h30. 

We were all sitting again in the same room for the 09h30 class. Well basically all our class are held in this meditation room. The 09h30 class was a class taught again by Anie Karen but this time we would be covering more theory stuff.  She did not disappointed by again starting with another very strongly statement: 

Attachment is not Love


Anie Karen than paused and looked at us. A moment that I assume she knew most of us would need some time to reflect on. People from all ages were attending this class and I swear everyone seems like it was hitting home despite the time they were born. 

That statement struck me right to the heart. I had never really done the difference between the two. Between attachment and love. All of a sudden it’s like I had flashes of relationship (friendship, romantic relationship or family relationship) where the two got mix without me even realizing it. Where attachment and love was all mix up leaving me with confusion. 

What is attachment???

To that question Anie Karen answered:

Attachment is like glue. It is hard to detach from it. 

Our senses (our touch, our smell, our taste…) provide us pleasure but it is all only short term pleasure. Things like good food, good sex, good wine all for example feel really good and provide us pleasure but they are TEMPORARY. They have a short life span. Their benefit is only short term for the mind and the body. 

So what happens? What happens is that you want more and it is never enough. There is some kind of addiction to the pleasure that takes place and since sense only provide short term reward it does not take long that you are craving the next chocolat bar again for example. Because the last one you ate provided you only with short term pleasure. 


The thing about our senses is that it is all external. Our sense respond because of an external stimuli. Therefore your ‘happiness’ becomes dependent on the external world around you. Your happiness becomes dependent on others which means there is no guarantee of what may be coming your way. 

Choose whatever serves you

After talking about love and attachment and feeling everyone’s stomach turning to the idea of looking back in their life and having gain so quickly so much clarity in some of their relationship Anie Karen told us this: 


What fits for you. 

Don’t think it is true because you will hear it here. No. Experience it for yourself. Choose WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU. Don’t take our word for it. Don’t believe in it just because ‘we told you so’. Be your own judge of what is true for you and keep what works for you. Don’t be afraid to ask question or challenge us. We love being challenge she said with a teacher smile (it almost felt like a ‘bring it on’ kind of attitude). 

Take what you need from this course and cherish it and action it. 

This was exactly what I needed to hear. I was on this path to find my truth. I was not looking to convince anyone and was certainly not looking for anyone to convince me either. I wanted to explore and hear what different part of the world were doing. I felt I was missing something and it felt very good to hear all of this. To be encourage to have that freedom to think for myself. It felt good to hear someone not tell you that they know the truth. I find we are constantly bombarded by people that ‘know’ the way or the solution for our issues. I again felt I was at the right place. A place where I can use my intelligence to decide for myself and where debating and asking questions was welcome in order to better understand. A place I could follow whatever seem to suit me right now. 

So I will say the same to you as I was told on this course: this blog is about what is true for me. Take whatever serves you and is true for you ; )

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