Everest Base Camp The Journey

Everest Base Camp – Day 1

🎵 Fast Car – Ryan Montbleau (feat Tall Heights)



With my back leaning against a wood panel I am looking outside to a beautiful view and writing this blog. I woke up in Kathmandu and tonight I will be sleeping in Pakhding. Here how my day went 💜


Sandess met me at my hotel in Kathmandu around 07h am. His backpack was so small compared to mine! haha does canadian’s overpack or does Nepali underpack 🤔😉! I guess we will find out soon.

We discuss what was taking so much space in my bag and I said my sleeping bag and my inner fleece layer for my sleeping bag. ‘There will be blankets available in the hotel’ Sandess said. I was hesitant. He looked at me and said: ‘just go with the flow‘. So 5 minutes before leaving the hotel I removed those 2 items. It for sure made my pack less heavy.


We than made our way to the Kathmandu airport.

So Canada: 10.16 kg

Ohhhhhhhh Nepal is winning with 9.1 kg!!!!

We had to take a 25 minute flight to get to Lukla. The lukla airport is apparently one of the top 10 most dangerous airport in the world. You could feel the mix of tension and excitement in the plane. Some even had bracelets for good luck hoping that the flight would go well!

As the motor engine sound change as we were coming out of the clouds and the turbulence stopped here it was… from far away my first view of the Himalaya. I hold my breath while my eyes filled with water.

Wow life is amazing. This planet and it’s treasures! I felt so calm and at peace. And also so proud. Five months ago I had started anxiety medication and was sitting on the floor at one my best friend place crying and shaking and there I was in a small plane (I am normally afraid of small spaces) overlooking at a beautiful white peak that stood tall strong and at the same time was so peaceful to look at. Fuck Val you are doing so well I thought. ‘Look at yourself you are here be proud’.


Everything is possible. Life sometimes will kick the shit out of you but hey get back up. Lean on people or medication if you have too but never give up because you can get back up and see things you never thought you would see. Whatever happens with this plane I am happy to die! At the Buddhist course there was a few talks about death. Not to be negative but to accept the impermanence of life and that death will happen to all of us and to try to be at peace with it. I could honestly die happy right now!


So we landed on this weird angle runaway. We all clap. Amazing pilots! So talented! I was so grateful.


So we went from 1400 meters elevation in Kathmandu to 2843 meters at Lukla.


We had breakfast in Lukla. Well I should say I did. Sandess had his version of breakfast for champion 😆

🤦‍♀️Haha this man just brakes me sometimes 😂!!!

So on our way we are!!!

We have a 3-4 hour walk to make it to Pakhding (2650 meters).

A bit of rain on the way. We went from a hot 28 degrees ☀️ in Kathmandu to an overcast 🌧 14 degrees here.

We made it to our first destination.

Garlic soup! A recommendation from Sudesh!

On the way up you see local’s garden growing potatoes, spinach and garlic. So we order a little meal with local ingredients!

Day 1 so far so good 👍

Val : )

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