Everest Base Camp The Journey

Everest Base Camp – Day 3

🎵 Noah Kahan – Fine


The best day so far 😀


So where do I start! lol sometimes I feel like I could make a movie 🎥 with things that happen in just one day!


So to give you an idea I started my day by looking outside and seeing a yellow helicopter land on the helipad. I grabbed my phone but by the time I had it on video mode the helicopter had left. Sandess said ‘not to worry’ there will be so many helicopters during this trip.

Morning view from my hotel window!

‘Good morning Namche Bazaar 😀’

So today is an easy today! We left the heavy backpack behind and we go up 400 meters to help our body acclimatize to the altitude (we slept at 3440 meters and will hike to 3880 meters and walk back down to sleep again at 3440 meters).

* Recent research confirm that acclimatization time is needed every 1000 meters. Meaning you should not exceed 300-400 meters of altitude a day and spend the night in the same altitude every 1000 meters you ascent.


(Apparently a doctor from Havard was in Everest Base Camp in May 2019 to collect data. He left prior to our arrival but I met with a trekker who spent one hour with him. He also took picture of his findings (obviously this is non-formal information but coming from a good source). Information was written on walls to advise all trekker of safe and recent research regarding altitude sickness (A little rustic but… don’t judge a book by it’s cover haha).

Don’t ask me why but when I packed my bag I didn’t pack a ‘day trip bag’. Like a mini backpack so I can carry water to go up to acclimatize 🤔 🤷‍♀️! So this morning we went to buy one (double the price I would normally pay for but ah well! Hard to bargain when you are in the middle of a mountain!). I also bought an insulated fleece layer to sleep. As we go up in altitude nights are slowly getting a little colder. I had bought one but left it in Kathmandu thinking I may not need it but ah well that was a risk that I took when I took it out of my bag. Some guides also mention that even if I would not be cold this inner layer is useful for hygiene reason as big blankets don’t get wash everyday (Mmmmmm good point!).


So up we go!!! Lots of stairs to start our day. I felt so light not carrying that 12-13 kg pack! I felt so free!!! I didn’t feel the altitude much while walking.


So time for some fun! Let’s take some pictures and videos as Sandesh and I shared some stories and create new memories!

(The village of Namche Bazaar in the back. The biggest village you encounter on the way to Base Camp)

Clear sky, Clear view… I love my life right now!!! So happy!!!


I washed some clothing yesterday late afternoon and they were still wet this morning. Hiking with this insulated pair of pants is getting a little warm as the day is progressing.

Those animals are called yak (male) and nuk (female). They are beautiful and massive! Again Val was told to stay on the mountain side ; )

In the back Sandesh is chatting with locals. Like I said before this is Sandesh first time trekking Base Camp and he is becoming an official guide. I really like how he connects with locals and whenever little Val as a questions he tries to find the answer. Having someone with me that speaks Nepali really brings depth to this trekking experience.

They are so pretty!!! The light color one is my favorite! I love that picture.

The road we are taking. Breath taking views every corner!

More porters!

Sandesh walking the path! We are early and feel so alone on this gigantic path. If you are travelling in May (off season as the busy season is September and October) I would recommend leaving early as the sky gets cloudy early afternoon.


So we are suppose to follow this path all the way to our next destination tomorrow. Sandesh spoke with another guide and normally to do the acclimatization hike we don’t use this route. Since we are going with the flow and figuring it out as we go we decided to take a ‘short cut’ to head back towards the other way!

But should we go left or right at this point? No idea!

My skin had a rash after going to the national park in Kathmandu and I was so itchy for a while (during my meditation course! oh yeah want to challenge yourself doing meditation have itchy arms during 20 min of meditation! lol that will drive you just crazy enough!).

So back to the trekking left or right?? As I am starting to think that maybe this ‘short-cut’ was not a good idea a random man shows up on a horse??? Yeah! You know when I tell you I could write a movie just with today’s adventure! He pointed us the right direction and left as quick as he came. This day just gets funnier and funnier I thought! And what I love the most is that only me seems to find that man pretty random! Sandesh asked him for direction and kept on walking. That stuff just kills me laughing even more!

We arrived to a little village and asked for more direction. We had to go up the hill to reach the altitude we needed for today (you can see the wild horse on the hill… it was so beautiful with the blue sky!)

And there he was!!! Still eating!

We than stop to eat a little! We were suppose to be gone for 2h and I think we have been gone for over 4 at this point. We stopped for what we have been calling our kitkat break. That seems to be our healthy snacks every single time! A kitkat and some nuts!

Got you Sandesh!!!

On our way back to Namche Bazaar we took a different route. Basically if you look very low you will see the first route we took in the morning. We are heading back but in higher altitude (clear as mud for an explanation?).

I am telling Sandesh I want to blog about this trekking experience and he is like let’s take a picture to show people how steep it is! Not sure if you can tell but we tried our best!


Back in town to Namche. Today it’s market day. It happens once a week. People from surrounding villages come to this market to buy or bring either food, clothing or other items.

I know what you are thinking… this is a very safe way to transport gas! haha : )

So after that Sandesh and I split. He went to the hotel and I went for a little walk in the town. I saw the prayer wheel around a Stupa (temple) and decided to go around the Stupa to turn them all. Someone told me that when you do that you have to turn all of them without missing one. So I did. While doing that I had the impression that two local ladies were looking at me a little funny but I felt confident that even if I was what they are referring here as a foreigner that I had the right to do this so I did it and turn them all.

Than I realize they were probably looking at me this way because I was going the wrong way! haha nothing to do with being a foreigner. lol so lesson learn everyone go clockwise…. always!


I had been told that there was a Buddhist monastery in this village. I decided to hike up slowly and walk towards it. I had just finish my 10 days Buddhist/meditation course and wanted to keep the meditation habit that the monastery had helped me build. So I walked up and up and when I got to the monastery I did not feel like it as much anymore. Weird? I find sometimes the energy or my gut feeling does that. It brings me somewhere (point A) and when I get there (thinking it is the destination) all of a sudden it brings me somewhere else (point B). I don’t know if this is true for others but for me I know my ego is still in the way. So if my instinct would tell me to go to point B I would most likely argue (why would I go there?) but by bringing me to point A first my ego mind tend to get less in the way and accepts the next destination more easily and without resisting.

*Maybe the energy found a way to get around my ego and bring me where I should be going!

Who knows! All that to say that when I got to the monastery I felt like doing a meditation outside and not inside. So there was a path that kept a good up incline that was heading outside of the village. I felt pretty strongly feeling to follow it so I did.

Once I got up a metal gate was close blocking the access.

I open it and proceed. I than stood in the middle of a helipad. I was surrounded by clouds. I thought no one probably flies in this weather. Clouds are so thick I could not see across all the mountains. What a different scenery from this morning. I was than really drawn towards the other side of the helipad.

After walking a few feet from it I saw this beautiful waterfall.

It was far but I took my music earbuds off and could hear the sound of the waterfall.

I felt alone in the middle of those gigantic mountains and now that I wasn’t seeing Namche’s village at all.


When I went in the national park in Kathmandu Sandesh had told me to meditate on the sound of the river when I sat down to meditate near it. So I remember that and thought I will do the same thing here. I saw down near but not too close to what was a very steep cliff. I listen to the waterfall. The echo of the mountains almost made the sound of the fall louder and easy to hear despite the distance. I was so alone and felt completely relax and at peace. Listening to the sound. The Buddhist course had thought me to focus my mind on something. To gain control of my mind was a goal of meditation (instead of letting my mind wonder). So instead of focusing my mind on the breath I thought I will do it on the sound. I did not stay there for really long maybe 5 minutes but it felt good to relax and be in the present. I open my eyes and saw the clouds beside me coming down so quickly compare to when I first close my eyes. Gorgeous. Before part of me would have been a little intimidated or afraid of the lost feeling that thick clouds could do. Like if ‘I would not see where I was going and this could have trigger anxiety for me’. But I was there alone and instead of the fear I could enjoy this beautiful flow of clouds sliding down the mountain. The view was getting more restricted but I still felt at peace. It was a nice feeling. I thought I will record the sound of the waterfall so I can mediate on it when I feel like connecting with this moment again. All zen I turned my cellphone on and started filming the clouds. And…

wait for it…

… this is exactly why I decided to start my blog. Because things like that seem to always follow me! Really! What the hell ! lol

So click the video baring in mind that I am in this meditative relax state of mind when this happens! lol



(Sorry working on arranging the upside down view from the camera… hey I was running for my life so I deserve a break for filming the wrong way! lol)



I would have never thought that helicopter could fly in this weather! Don’t get me wrong great pilots but holly did I get scared. I was looking up and could hear the helicopter sound but had no idea where it was coming from.

Later on I told that story to a local person and they said; weird normally they close the gate when they expect a helicopter and no one is there to protect the site… oupsy! No need to tell them that I had open the gate… and left it open behind me! Double oupsy!


So a new hastag was created today: #Meditationcankillyou

haha or maybe this one #dontmeditateonahelipad (but I think it may be an obvious one for most people!).



Sandesh brother is being protective of me and wants to make sure nothing happens to me while trekking. Well first time I am alone and little Val got a close call. haha Val and the mountains! Learning as you go I guess!

Val : )

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