Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp – Day 7

Let's go! We have a mountain to hike.

We left early. There is something about being the first on the path. It’s like the sunrise is happening just for you. The energy changes from the night to the day. The breeze is still fresh and cool. 

We were alone hiking. All you could hear was the sound of our boots hitting the ground. As we were going slightly uphill, I started to hear my own breath getting a little louder and shorter. The altitude was starting. We had slept at 4410 meters and were making our way to 4910 meters. I slowed down and went against my natural reflex and started to take deep breath instead of smaller one. I did not feel rush it was a beautiful morning with a beautiful clear view. 

We were walking and having a beautiful valley on our left and a mountain view on our right. suddenly we saw those little fur balls. There must have been about 20 of them. 

Everyday I feel that something happen and it just makes my day. Today it was these wild dogs. They just ran from the hill to where we were and ran around us as we kept walking. Tails were wagging they were so friendly. I felt so AT PEACE. I love dogs! There I was surrounded by the Himalaya’s with a my friend and about 20 fur balls. Despite the altitude they were still goofing around and running like if the lack of oxygen was only affecting the humans. 

This is one of my favorite picture:

We kept walking and arrived to Thukla. 4620 meters. There was a little rest point just before what is suppose to be a good hill. So we decided to sit and take it easy and have some tea before going up for the next hour. Oh and let’s have a kit kat. haha I think we have been having chocolate pretty much everyday on this hike. My kind of snack!

After going up that steep hill for about one hour we walked and pretended we would be able to climb a massive rock that was beside the path. Some people stop to look at us. But we went from looking pretty cool to losers! haha not even close to make it to half way on that massive rock! haha Another rule of altitude is to not exert yourself for no reason! But we thought it would be pretty funny! 

We finally arrive at Lobuche: 4930 meters. 

Little game of cards with our friends from Argentina. 

I than went outside our hotel to take a little video of where  I we were. 

Walking was fine but when I turn with the camera to do a 360 degree view I suddenly felt dizzy. First lesson of altitude learn: going sideways quickly is not a good idea! I recovered quickly there was no worries there just an observation. 

I than notice that my fingers were a little bit swollen. Oh let me teach you one thing for the ladies; fake nails are not a good idea for hiking in altitude! You would think that as a paramedic I would have thought of that… euh no! I guess my brain was on vacations when I had my nails done in Kathmandu! Oxygen saturation is a quick and easy way to know what is your oxygen level and can be use as a guideline for evacuation decision but with fake nails you get an inaccurate reading. I guess second lesson learn: no fake nails on this hill! 

Guess where we are going tomorrow??? haha oh yeah! Base Camp here we come! 

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