Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp – Day 8

May 29th is Everest Day
Pretty cool we will get to Base Camp on Everest Day!

Can’t describe the energy this morning! It may even be better than on Christmas morning! 

Hiking at this time of the year you take the chance to have some clouds. But there is something magical to have the clouds unfold in front of you as you are trekking. Like if the mountains were slowly revealing themselves to you rewarding you for your effort. 

Good morning!

So now you understand why I stopped asking which one is Everest! There are just so many mountains here! 

Ready to see something CRAZY: EVEREST MARATHON

So the Marathoners slept at Everest Base Camp yesterday and they will run all the way dow to where we were on Day 3 at Namche Bazar. 

You know when you participate to a race or attend one it’s like the energy at these events is so high. Well there are about 200 runners that had sign up for this event and the energy is palpable from every single one of them that is passing by us. We were told that lots of trekking guides are participating. Apparently there is a little bit of a competition among the local Nepali guides! 

Not only the runners are in a good mood. Seems like our 2 Argentina guys are doing quite well too! Everyone is on a high! 

And now this guy is coming down carrying this massive thing! O-M-G! 

Nothing like seeing a guy carrying a fridge on his back to keep you humble! haha

All of this keeps my ego in the right place. I am not running or carrying a fridge on my back! lol It’s all about perspective I guess! Very funny and ironic I thought! 

We started this morning at Lobuche (4910 meters) and are now at our last stop before base camp: Gorakshep (5164 meters)

A marathon runner stopped at what I will call a ‘rustic water station stop’. People are so friendly! 

Now having someone carrying a stove on their back! Are you kidding me! I really can’t go on an ego trip now! haha Life is keeping me in check! 

Breakfast of champion! 

Okay let’s do this! We get to drop our heavy backpack at the hotel before ascending to the base. Feeling so light: Physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Since an image is worth a thousands words I will let you see the rest of the path!

When you finally here: Val we can see Everest!

Purifying myself with this salty glacier water! Splashing it in my face and drinking it! 

Let’s cleanse myself inside and out!

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