MAUI – Road to Hana & Waimoku Falls


Very funny the song playing on the radio while writing this is: Valerie – Amy Winehouse (the last trip my sister ant I did together was in New Zealand and that song was playing all time)

We drove this famous scenic view that is a must on the island. This segment of the road is refer to as ‘THE ROAD TO HANA’. 

With the ocean view on one side and the mountains on the other side this road is beautiful. It is made of basically zig-zag all the way to the town of Hana! You drive slowly and sometimes there is only place for one car.

Our westfalia is really well liked by locals and tourists! Everytime we pull over or slow down someone seem to be giving us the thumb up liking our ride or asking to have a look inside. 

We arrived at our camping site at Haleakala National Park and got ready for our hike.

The Pipiwai trail

Half way in the trail you enter the bamboo forest!

We arrived at our destination!!!

We were expecting one waterfall but there was actually 3!!! 


A 400 feet drop creates this beautiful waterfall!


Although one might think this is a peaceful place to meditate it is actually challenging to focus with the powerful sound of the waterfall. And as you would expect it the energy here was quite strong and powerful. Almost a little too intense for what I am use too so it was a short meditation. I could describe it as a ‘direct to the point’ energy. 

The 2 sisters! 

Hiking to a 400 foot drop waterfall…check! haha : )

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