The Journey

This is amazing!

This is amazing

🎵 Bones – Galantis Feat One Republic (I actually just heard that song for the first time at CrossFit today! I walked away from my workout to shazam it!)

OH MY GOD! I feel so many butterflies in my stomach! I am SSSSSSooooooooo excited !!! I am so happy to share this with you all! I have been having goosebumps all day!

I have 2 more weeks on Canadian soil than I am leaving for Nepal! Yes!!!! I got a leave of absence from my workplace for a full year! How exciting is this!?

My belly seems to be filled with butterflies that are nervous but also excited to be flying away very soon!

I am trying to contain them and not have them fly everywhere and in every directions. There is so much energy within me right now that it is honestly hard to contain!

I am 35 years old and am so grateful to be able to start such an adventure. I feel happy 😃, sad (I will miss my friends 😢… ‘guys can I bring you all in my luggage?’) and I feel anxious about all the unknown 😱. But out of all these emotions I feel so ALIVE😍!

.I am very excited. I am leaving alone so this blog will be like my travel buddy! The one I get to share my stuff with! Ohhhhh goosebumps again! I also realize that this kind of trip is not accessible to everyone. I am happy to share it with you guys and may we all grow from it!

💚💛💙 Val

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