The Journey

Welcome to my blog


My name is Valerie and I am very excited to announce the start of this journey! 

I am happy to share with you ‘Road to authenticity’. A road that I am sure will have it’s share of ups and down. I invite you to road about my spiritual path that is about to take place. Let’s connect with the world around us. Let’s connect with people, have and grow! Let’s live to the fullest! 

I hope this blog will keep your sense alive and that you will too feel like taking the wheel of your own journey. Maybe our road will cross at some point! haha


I love music. All kinds of music. You see at the beginning of each blog which song is playing as I am writing. You are welcome to listen to it while reading! 

🎶Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar

(Yukon, Canada)  – The road to Alaska


It is a beautiful to have this uniqueness but some days it may feel like a curse. We are all out there trying to do our best and despite our best efforts we sometimes hit some pretty hard walls. I am no different I had my share of walls. Just like you I tried to get back up and grow from it and be a better person. 


I am very excited to start writing this blog. Let’s dive into this life together. Let’s see what the world as to offer. Let’s take a few risk and get out of our comfort zone and see what happens. Let’s feel ALIVE again. Let’s be authentic on this journey. Let’s be who we are. Fully. Inside & Out. We are all unique so let’s try to put out in the world this original self. Because after all who wants to be copy when you can be the original : )

Let’s have fun! Let’s embrace our uniqueness and encourage each other to be ourselves. Our True Self. Our Authentic Self. 

The 2 pictures  on that post were taken in Yukon – Canada. Discovering my own country in company of a great friend, his camera (I pretended to be a great photographer for the day haha) and a crazy breath taking road that brought us to Alaska!  To all Canadians out there: you should put that on your to do list for at least once in your lifetime!

Love you all 


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