The Journey

How I chose Nepal

… or maybe how Nepal chose me 😉
I always knew that one day I would do a spiritual trip. When I was a teenager I wasn’t a big reader but I read ‘the Alchemist’ from Paulo Coelho. I had an instantaneous connection with the author and the story.

I knew that one day I would have my spiritual journey. Just like the main character in this book.

What I didn’t know is that that journey would come at a time where life was somewhat challenging. I felt like I had come to a road block in my life and in order to move forward I had to go on this spiritual journey. I had this profound certainty that I needed to go alone on this trip which brought it’s load of anxiety and insecurities.

So much had happen in the last few months that my values and what I felt was the foundation of who I was was shaken. I wasn’t that confident adventurous person I use to be and suddenly the idea of travelling alone, especially in a part of the world that I had never been, was causing me anxiety. But it was also awakening a side of adventure that seem to have been dormant for a while.

The only other insight that I had for this journey was that I had to go in Asia. But you are probably thinking the same thing as I thought… but where in Asia 🤷‍♀️?? Last time I check Asia was pretty big!

So I started with whatever I thought could help me. Instead of relying on others who had travel in this part of the world I decided that I would go to my local library and check out the Asian travelling books.

I felt a bit overwhelm by the many choices! There were so many books!

So I walked down the alley and whenever I felt a good vibe or like the name of a place or liked a book cover picture I picked it up 🤷‍♀️! No idea where I would be going.

After going over the Asian section I found myself looking at books from other parts of the world! lol ! Ah well I thought! I will try to focus on Asia but I allowed myself to grab a few other books in case I wanted to go somewhere after Asia.

I sign out maybe… 20 books 📚😆! I had to figure where I would be going and I wanted to figure it out on my own!

With a pile of travel books in the front passenger seat of my car I started to drive home. All of a sudden I felt soooooo highper!!! It was an energy that I had not felt in a long time. Sooooo much energy! So positive and happy!!! It was one of those moment where you crink up the music on the radio and pretend you know the lyrics sing along!!!! I had finally done an action towards my trip and it was becoming real and I could feel the adventurous me waking up again!

I got home and through the pile of books on the table and walked away! Haha I didn’t say I was going to read them 😛! Actually reading them felt like a heavy task. Like I said before I am not a big reader.

So slowly, like a day at a time, for some unknown reason I would walk near the pile and take one book and put it aside thinking I didn’t want to go there. Slowly the pile became smaller.

I had taken books from other places like Hawaii because I always wanted to go there but I didn’t feel it was where I should start my trip.

I was finally left with 3 books:

– Tibet (China)

– India

– Nepal (the blue point on the map)

I started to read the books but rapidly became overwhelm by the information I was finding. Reading is really not my thing! So going to bed that night I thought I would try to be less analytical and be open. To just let it be. The next morning something very special happen:

I woke the next morning feeling really tired. I felt a little low to be honest with no drive to do much. A bit of a boring morning. Was I tired? Should I go back to bed? I didn’t know. All I knew is that I was feeling a bit in between awake and tired. So after being up for 20 minutes I decided to go back to bed. I than had a very vivid dream. Very vivid. Very real.

I was in a trail with and open space around me. Far away (it was a bit blurry) you could see big mountains. I was walking on a walking path. Than all of a sudden a tiger came out of no where and cross my path right in front of me. From my left to my right he ran. He was focus and knew where he was going. It’s almost like if he was chasing something. I woke up sitting up in my bed shock and surprise from having had that tiger so close to me. He had came out of no where.

Weird…. that was so vivid. So real.

I got up (no way I would sleep after that. I was right awake).

I did a google search on tiger meaning. So many spiritual meaning and nothing strike my attention. So I did a research with images attempting to find ‘my tiger’. All kinds of photos, different tiger colors but nothing. I didn’t see ‘my tiger’. Than I thought: Val patience you will know the meaning when it will be time for you to know. Trust life. Don’t search for it it will come to you.

The next day I woke up and as I made coffee (well made coffee… that’s a wrong statement. As I press one button for a machine to make coffee for me ☕️) I turn my cell on. I open my instagram app and there he was: My tiger 🐅😲😀😀!!! The one that I have seen in my dream (or vision?). He was in the first feed of my Instagram. The connection was instantaneous.

I followed animal planet and this was a short slow motion video of a tiger running towards the camera. I felt like he was running right at me. I read below the video and all I could see what ‘Nepal’… ‘Nepal’… ‘Nepal’…

It was even written at the end: Location: Nepal!

I will be going to Nepal.

💫✨ thank you life for this magic moment and guiding me when I needed it the most 🙏

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